Digital Ecostystem Management

Furthering An Open Internet With Open Wireless

To build a completely secured and decentralised Internet infrastructure requires looking at the problem from many angles and on many layers. Currently, one company focuses on decentralising the Internet on top of existing networking layers using as many modes of connectivity as possible such as WiFi, or Ethernet to connect to the SAFE Network’s global, peer-to-peer Internet. It is extremely important for individuals using the network to have access to such connectivity methods thus it must be an area of consideration. That is not to say the company is looking to build these protocols, we have our hands full already, but rather support efforts already in development which align with our mission to decentralise the digital ecosystem management.

notebook-405755_640Of these connectivity protocols, the most compelling is called mesh networking and is based on peer-to-peer connections between devices like routers, computers and smartphones. The basic principle of mesh networking comes down to removing dependency on single access points like a home routers by directly connecting them to other home routers or devices which relay traffic. In the chance that a home router is no longer able to connect to the Internet, traffic will route through the connections of its neighbours. Alternatively, situations exist where ISPs or governments take aggressive measures to censor communications by blocking access to the Internet and having p2p connectivity allows communities to use local services independent of the greater Internet. Disaster scenarios also present justification for having p2p infrastructure in place for reliable communication.

Various organisations are pursuing the design, development and implementation of mesh networking infrastructure and the efforts of community mesh projects are particularly inspiring because of the conditions in which they tend to form and sustain themselves. For a majority of the people in these communities, sheer drive to bring Internet connectivity and the resulting access to knowledge to neighbours and greater community is a driving force.